Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Been a long time since we used our's time to renew this and keep you all updated with all our exciting events around the ranch. Although we have been updating fb, we have finally mastered the art of here we go....a new start to our Teepee Heart Blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Teepee Heart Thank you....

We wish to thank Brian and Nonie for all their amazing help through the busiest week of the ranch...our cattle drive. They were troopers through it all, and it was BUSY!!!! We could not have done this without you guys.....we are so lucky to have family!

News, news, news, our 2011 season so far.......

It's July and we are well into our season here.....we have had cattle drives, lake trips and a Horsemanship Clinic.....finally found a moment to update you all with our exciting ranch life.
We have hosted some wonderful guest from as far as Austria, Germany, England and Switzerland. It is always a pleasure to meet such interesting people and share riding experiences.  Needless to mention we have also enjoyed some wonderful British Columbians as well....
One of our son's, Court has just spent a week here and been a huge right hand man for Eric! There is always something to fix! Evan, our youngest is spending his summer working the ranch as well, there is always something to learn. Our oldest son Justin, will be here for a few days in Aug. to bring his lovely bride to be, Reanne, to organize and prepare for their up coming wedding Sep.3, on Teepee Heart. We look forward to this exciting event on the ranch.
The horses are all well and taking a well deserved rest before resuming the trails...Our colts are growing and just learned to halter, tie and lead in our clinic. Our 3 yr olds, Cougar Boy, Desperado, and Sunny just finished being started under saddle. Our black mare, Velvet, also started under saddle. We look forward to having the three amigos pack next season, while Velvet should be ready for riding.
Happy Trails for now....

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lucy's New Job

Lucy has a new job,colt guardian

Welcome to the Teepee Heart Ranch Blog

We are so excited to start our new 2011 Season....all the horses are healthy and getting ready to work the
summer. The colts are growing very fast and with shedding of their winter coats they change color weekly. We ride our first cattle drive next Friday, should be fun....